TV Show Review: Girls (HBO)


Season 2 episode 3

The series “Girls” on HBO has been a huge hit with, not only my friend group, but for 20-something women everywhere. Winning two Golden Globes, Girls is called the modern Sex in the City and just was granted a third season. Though I absolutely love the quirky writing and cast of Lena Dunham’s show, last nights episode made me so uncomfortable. Starting with a job interview, Hannah is told she needs to make her life more interesting for her freelance blog writing which makes Hannah decide to look into illegal drugs. This isn’t the first time that drugs have been present in the show (first episode) and I understand this is an occurrence in the New York party scene but this was all around such a mess for the show’s story line and my ability to enjoy any part of the episode. Hannah and Elijah were just so over the top at the club and for Hannah to just remove her shirt for a mess tank that she continues to wear in public later in the episode was too much for me to handle. The entire time I just kept thinking that’s public indecency and you just walk into a grocery store like that. As if that wasn’t enough to ruin the entire episode for me, there was the unbelievable encounter with Marnie and her artist crush, Booth. I was such a big fan of him after their first encounter in season one but last night ruined him for me and made me think Marnie has completely lost her mind. Upon entering his apartment, he shows her a piece he has been working on, which was a little dark but showed his talent and style; however, as he proceeds to show her his “favorite piece” and lock her into a box that she can’t escape with music blaring and morbid images flashing I thought she was being kidnapped! All of my friends were in sheer panic as he left the room and started doing tasks around his home before finally letting her out. Naturally, she starts hitting him and freaking out but then she hugs him and tells him he’s so talented! I don’t know if they share some creepy art appreciation I just don’t understand but I would be on my way to the police station after he let me out. Honestly Lena, this episode was just too much and a big miss in my opinion.