Clydesdale Commercial Broke out of the Category Norm

Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial2013 Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial

Being an advertising major, the ads last night were just as important to me as the actual game (if not more). Watching the reactions of the people I was with, what grasped their attention and lost it, and how the commercial effected them emotionally was also part of my night and, with those responses, I decided the Clydesdale commercial was the most effective advertisement last night because it broke out of the category norm. Budweiser has used the Clydesdale commercials as a campaign since 1983 making it one of the longest and most successful campaigns in the advertising world. Why I believe the Clydesdale commercial was the most effective advertisement last night is because of it’s reaction from, not only everyone I was with and myself, but from the tremendous praise it has reached in the social media world. From the females actually tearing up at the party I was at and again when it was showed in one of my classes today to the men commenting about how they love Budweiser as a brand and a beer, one can’t argue the success and effectiveness of the advertisement. Showing a horse grow up, the love his owner has for him, and the love the horse has even after being separated for years creates an advertisement that is out of the category norm for a beer company. For example, here is a video of what one would think of for a beer commercial. Notice the beautiful women dressed minimally, a party scene, and the play-on-words for cold meaning cool. When Budweiser moved out of the typical party element of beer and used a sentimental appeal, they hit a home run.